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NextGen Speaks Out | July Theme announcement

July’s NextGen Speaks Out! theme will be Food

Summer is in full swing. Do you know how I know, besides the weather? Well the signs are all there. I know that you will be able to identify with at least a few of this signs.


  • The BBQs are out in full force, the aroma of my neighbours’ dinner taunting me on my way home. An unspoken challenge to get out there and make something on the grill.
  • Gardens are starting to produce fresh vegatables, fruit and herbs. Now you can go just a few steps to your backyard/balcony to collect ingredients for dinner instead of something trucked into the store.
  • Then there is the multitiude of Edmonton and area farmers markets which are now bustling with people on weeknights as well as weekends.
  • Patios are quickly becoming a hot commodity on lunches and after work. You almost have to leave early to send someone to “save” you a table, so you can enjoy your libations in the sunshine.
  • Last but not least we are on the brink of the festival season. It won’t be long before we can rub elbows (litterally and figuratively) at the Taste of Edmonton and then Heritage days is right around the corner.

    This month we will be bringing you tantalizing, and thought-provoking posts on and about the food scene in Edmonton. Ww’ll share what that means to a consumer, to a foodie, to a business owner, to an activist, and to someone who loves to cook, bake, and create.


    We also want you to engage in discussion. Come on nextgener’s we know you have opinions and thoughts on these themes too. We’d love for you to comment, start a discussion, and share these posts with your networks.


    Check back weekly as we will be adding new NextGen Speaks Out! posts regularly. We’re looking forward to it and hope you do too!


    NextGen Speaks Out, our guest blogging series, is envisioned as a hub for information and discussion. NextGen is a non-political, non-denominational organization focused on giving all nextgeners a voice. NextGen does not represent the opinions expressed by the individual columnists.