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About NextGen

We’re a group of young, passionate, community-minded individuals who are taking the future into our own hands by creating a city that attracts and gives voice to the next generation of Edmontonians.

Simply stated – NextGen is a hub for connecting people, places, community and ideas together. Through events, leadership opportunities and professional development we foster young leaders and support initiatives of interest to the Next Generation.


Edmonton is a vibrant, welcoming city shaped by the lives and leadership of the next generation, ages 18 to 40. Succession and sharing the learning’s from one generation to the next is what this is all about – the next generation steps up to the plate to lead as our city continues to grow.


We are creating a city that attracts and gives a voice to the next generations in the life and growth of our community. NextGen is hub for networking as well as connecting people, places, community and ideas together. Through events, leadership opportunities and professional development NextGen fosters young leaders and support initiatives and ideas of interest to the next generation. We have the desire to make Edmonton a better place to work, live and play in the future!


NextGen originated in 2005 as a task force created by Edmonton’s City Council. Under the leadership of Councillor Kim Krushell and former Councillor Michael Phair, the 15-person task force conducted public consultations with over 100 young community members to discover what young Edmontonians wanted to see in the areas of arts and culture, business opportunities, sports and recreation, education, and employment. In the spring of 2006, the task force presented nine recommendations to City Council and Edmonton’s NextGen Committee was formed.

The current NextGen Committee, chaired by community member, Carol Neuman and civic member,  Jeff Chase and is comprised of 16 members – eight community leaders and eight civic leaders who represent each City Department, as well as a City Councillor and a Coordinator, Christine Causing. In addition to the committee, there are over 50 NextGen volunteers that spend their time working on projects, organizing events, learning new skills and connecting with fellow community leaders on one of the five working groups (sub-committees).

Since spring 2006, the NextGen Commitee has worked on a number of projects. Highlights include:

  • Worked in partnership with the Information Technology Branch to establish the Wireless Edmonton initiative.
  • Provided input into the Art of Living, Cultural Plan for the City of Edmonton.
  • Organized a workshop at the United Nations Global Youth Assembly, featuring discussions on the relationship between building a city of peace and urban design. This gave the NextGen initiative a distinct visual opportunity, as it was the first time the UN Global Youth Assembly had ever been held outside of the United Nations headquarters in New York.
  • Provided input on several City plans including, The Way We Live, The Art of Living , the Blue Bin Program, The Way We Green and the City Centre Redevelopment Project.
  • Showcase the diverse interest, talent and knowledge that Edmontonians possess through successful Pecha Kucha Nights. Pecha Kucha Night 17 brought 1,000 people together to listen to speakers from across Canada and the United States.
  • Presented a report to City Council at the Capital City Downtown Plan Public Hearing called Your City Your Voice: Life in the Urban Core which  was a collection of opinions and input from next gener’s on urban core issues.
  • Partnered with the EFCL on the Edmonton Community Challenge.
  • Developed the report Connect, Contribute, Care Municipal Engagement Recommendations for Edmonton’s Next Generation.
  • Hosted MEAET events that bring people together over a meal and provide micro-funding to community projects.

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