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Volunteer with us!

Are you a young, passionate, community-minded individual who is ready to take the future into your own hands? If so, NextGen is for you. 

NextGen + Pride Parade 2014

NextGen + Pride Parade 2014

Through various and diverse leadership opportunities you can give voice to the next generation by gathering information, developing and hosting engaging events and empowering future leaders. Learn how you can apply to be a NextGen volunteer!

NextGen is currently looking for City of Edmonton staff to volunteer as civic members of the NextGen Committee. We are looking to fill the following three positions: Pecha Kucha Working Group Co-Chair, Volunteer Engagement Co-Chair, Ignite Working Group Co-Chair.

NextGen has four working groups (subcommittees):


The focus of this group is to facilitate the communications needs of the NextGen Committee and Working Groups by providing overarching communications direction and support.  In addition to implementing the overall communications plan, this group provides one time and ongoing project support through: media relations, including preparing spokespeople for media appearances and public speaking, speech writing, media sponsorship and selection.  This Working Group is also responsible to maintain the website and manage other multi-social media platforms for the group. For more information, contact Laryssa Szmihelsky.


This group is focused on fostering, incubating, and expanding both new and existing events and making them self-sustaining, flagship NextGen events. This is achieved by refining NextGen’s capacity to incubate local, community-drive projects such as MEÆT and (DIY)alogue through the ongoing development of incumbent event skills and resources. In the long term Ignite wants to work towards developing internationally-recognized social/civic event models that can export to other communities and municipalities. For more information, contact Eugene Chen.


This group has a vision to make NextGen the conduit for the next generation’s voice on civic matters and initiatives. VOICE will work to broadcast information to develop informed decision makers and glean their opinions through conversations, partnerships and events. The end product will be an engaged group of 18 to 40 year old with a strong, positive civic identity making Edmonton a better place with their voice. This will be achieved by broadcasting information to develop informed decision makers and by gleaning their opinions through conversations, partnerships and events. For more information, contact Shayne Abrams.

Pecha Kucha Night (PKN)

This group plans and executes the Pecha Kucha Night events in Edmonton. NextGen was the first in Western Canada to join the global network of cities hosting Pecha Kucha Nights—now at over 550 cities. This group is responsible for managing and hosting a minimum of three Pecha Kucha Night events annually. NextGen hosts these events to provide a conduit for Edmontonians to express their passions to a captive audience, while the audience learns about the impressive array of people found in their great city.  As such, NextGen is a hub for this transfer of ideas while providing a unique evening out for Edmontonians. For more information, contact Beata Montgomery. 

Contact NextGen for more information or apply today to be a volunteer with Edmonton’s NextGen!