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Top 12 Phrases Your Single Friends Don’t Want to Hear on Valentine’s | NextGen Speaks Out on Relationships

Ah Valentine’s Day, that day of the year set aside for lovers and romance. Visions of Cupid in his cute little diaper with heart-shaped arrows flitting around making people’s soul mate dreams come true. Wait…what? A diaper? Who thought of that?! As a Mother, I assure you, there is NOTHING romantic about diapers… Anyway… I digress.


Valentine’s Day, the day of overpriced flowers, expensive chocolate and feathery lingerie. Thankfully, I am not stressed. No significant other means no searching through rows of ridiculously expensive cards to find one that expresses the right amount of “love” for a person I do not. So rather than concentrate on the whole V-Day hoopla, Andrea and I have put together our list of most hated “being single on Valentine’s Day drivel” for your entertainment.

Heart encased in an Ice Cube

Have you tried internet dating, it’s not for me but…

  • It’s not good enough for you but I’m desperate so I should be willing to try anything?! (FD)
  • Sure I’ll just sign myself up to ogle random strangers in a cold, impersonal format. What could go wrong with that?! (AL)


So when are you going to settle down?

  • I suppose when I’m done being unsettled?! (FD)
  • The voices in my head haven’t liked anyone I’ve dated so far so I guess it’s when they’re happy (JK…this question makes me punchy sometimes) (AL)


Do you have a special someone you are spending Valentine’s with?

  • No. Go Away! (FD)
  • Yup, they’re called Ben and Jerry! (AL)


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

  • I thought I’d go home, sit in my lingerie, swig a bottle of wine and sing love songs to the mirror. What do you think I’m going to do?! (FD)
  • Honestly? Treat it like every other day – that involves wine, chocolate and ignoring love messages from others on Twitter ;) (AL)


I’m sure next year you will have someone to celebrate with.

  • Yes, because that is definitely my yearly goal. (FD)
  • Really? Are you offering because I’m booking in advance. (AL)


You don’t have anyone special to hang out with on Valentine’s Day, I have a single friend I could set you up with.

  • Yes, nothing like spending the most overrated day for love, with a stranger (FD)
  • What every single person wants to hear, a friend setting them up with someone who can’t get a date too. We don’t all magically hit it off and marry each other JUST BECAUSE WE’RE SINGLE. (AL)


You’re just too picky and that’s why you are single.

  • Yes, because we all know my exes are Prince Charmings… (FD)
  • If it means not settling for someone like you then I’m super glad! (AL)


There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

  • Hello, I live in Edmonton and there is NO SEA.(FD)
  • Ugh, most over-used sentence for singles. Can we agree on something else? (AL)


You’re so lucky you’re single (from married folks)

  • I read this as “I’m really miserable in my marriage, feel sorry for me too.” (FD)
  • I have little sympathy with people who say this, you made your choice now deal with it! (AL)


You need to get out more.

  • Where would you like me to go? A parade of single firemen does not walk by my door everyday… (FD)
  • Agreed. Give me a list of where YOU think I should go, give me a boatload of spare cash to participate and then we’re talking…. (AL)


It’s good that you’re not settling.

  • Settling? Doesn’t that normally mean there must be some type of dating happening? (FD)
  • Translation: You shouldn’t be so picky (see #7) (AL)


Why don’t you go on The Bachelor Canada?

  • Yes because I’m sure competing with 20 other women for one guy is the BEST way to find my soul mate. (FD)
  • Yes because animalistic competition for someone’s affections ALWAYS leads to marriage and a lifetime of happiness. I need a drink… (AL)


So heed our advice and treat a singleton nice this year on Valentine’s Day. If you can’t say anything nice about their dating situation, best not say anything at all.


I for one never bother too much with Valentine’s Day. I have yet to have been in a relationship with anyone who ever acknowledges it. Instead I’ll be ‘celebrating’ the day the best way I know how – in a Skype conversation with a classmate working on our next assignment for our Master’s program.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Andrea (AL) and Felicia (FD)
The Canadian Single Girls


The Canadian Single Girls
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